CHAMP’FAIR – October 10th 2020

Champ'Fair: "Buying rather locally or from far away? What are my choices?"

I invite you to discover the field I am growing vegetables on through the technique of living soil on small surface.

We will discuss my production method and the environmental and fair trade aspects in the North and South of our planet.

We have prepared a Council for which the theme is "My way to consume goods" (More info about Councils below)

You will also have the opportunity to taste the vegetables in many small portions formats!

Come celebrate Fair Trade locally and and around the world on the field!

Enrol to the event

When: October 10th 2020

You can chose between 2 sessions

  • 10 am to 1:30 pm
  • 2 pm to 5:30 pm

The number of participants is limited to 20 persons in the morning and 20 in the afternoon.

Click here to enrol for the morning

Click here to enrol for the afternoon

more info:


We invite you to continue the experience with a lunch at the Bistro at Les Terres d'Ici. You will taste the field's vegetables.

Each participants will receive a 5 euros reduction on a lunch at the Bistro on the day of the event. Reserve here. Attention, mention the same name for your table reservation as for the enrolment to the event and mention you participate to Champ'Fair.

The Council

The way I consume goods

What is the intent of this Council?

Build awareness of our needs and our values about the way we consume food by asking ourselves questions such as "Buying from far, does it still make sense to me? Buying local, yes, but under what conditions? Or: buying from far, but under what conditions? If I want to reduce my ecological impact, must I stop support the agriculture and small farmers of the "South"?

What is a council?

The Council is practicing a circle of discussion and deep listening. Listening from the hart. This is transmitted from the ages of time as an ancestral tradition that mixes sharing stories, mindfulness and resilience by still going to the essence of what needs to be said or shared.


For whom?

For anyone who want to experience listening to other in all simplicity and kindness for themselves an others.

This council is limited to 20 people.



It takes place in the natural surroundings of "Les Terres d’Ici”: Chaussée de Bruxelles 117, 1310 La Hulpe.
It will take place in a greenhouse we will let open (for ventilation purpose). we recommend to dress with multiple layers in order to adapt to temperature variations.

See you there !

Hana and Xavier, circles facilitators

Our Council will focus on the choices we make concerning sustainability and food consumption.

What are my criteria for these choice? To what extend can I respect them?

How do we live the duality of the thoughts about "buy locally from local food growers and makers" "favoring international fair trade with fair and environmentally friendly producers"?

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